Procurement, Storage, Delivery - at the Best Price from a Single Source

Emerging from Hoechst Procurement International, and therefore looking back on 150 years of history, the HPI AG is one of the largest and leading providers of industrial procurement services in Europe. The HPI Group provides customers with sustainable savings, quality and cost potentials..

Partnership with added value

We are able to offer our customers everything from a single source - from short-term inventory management (brokerage) to warehousing and logistics including takeover of the entire procurement process. Independent of manufacturers or distributors, we are only committed to one thing: you, our customer. We reinforce the role of procurement as a driver of value in your company.

This is how future added value and a business relationship become a partnership.

IT & Electronics

Best prices for Cloud Computing and Co.
The HPI Group also provides customized services for IT & Electronics at the best possible conditions. From intelligent cabling systems, network and security solutions to server and storage systems, Internet-based services such as energy management and cutting-edge technologies like cloud computing.