Global Procurement Network for Industrial Customers

The HPI AG has been a global player from the very beginning. Even if we feel traditionally connected to our head office in Munich, we are always looking far beyond national borders: Europe, USA, and Asia - as a logistics and procurement service we move wherever the world moves, where ground-breaking innovations occur and where markets offer attractive potential.

On the hunt for the best prices in the world

Our employees are fanning out in the world and obtaining the perfect solution for the best product, the best price - for you. Worldwide, on all continents, we achieve sustainable savings and quality for our potential customers. Last but not least, our success is based on our experience and expertise, especially in the business segments listed here.

It's not surprising that we are one of the leading procurement and logistics service providers in Europe!

The business segments of the HPI AG

Production Engineering

Electrical Engineering / Electronics

Chemical & Pharmaceutical Raw Materials