Industrial service provider by tradition - the history of the HPI AG

It all began in 1863:
On a grassy area west of Frankfurt the chemical factory Meister Lucius & Co. starts production with 5 workers. Two products are primarily responsible for the legendary rise of the company: fuchsine dye and aldehyde green. This provided the foundation for one of the largest chemical and pharmaceutical companies in the world - the Hoechst AG.

1998: The birth of the HPI
In 1998 the dramatic reorganization of the Group leads to the formation of Hoechst Procurement International - abbreviated HPI. The HPI positions itself for the first time as an independent center of expertise for strategic purchasing and outsourcing of procurement services.

2000-2010: From Munich out into the world
After dismantling of the Hoechst AG, the HPI is initially merges into a joint venture with Anderson Consulting and Sun Microsystems to be taken over 2 years later by the Internet Capital Group and in 2006 by the Eprolog AG. In 2010 a merger eventually took place with the Munich chip broker ce Consumer founded in 1976 followed by an initial public offering. From then on, the strings of the newly formed HPI AG were pulled in the Bavarian capital.

2010-2013: Dynamic holdings for success
The strategic and significant investments of HPI AG in the Azego Components AG, the 3KV GmbH, Mannesmann Tubes Logistic (MRL) as well as the TND AG and REW Technology AG will take place by 2013. It takes more than a long tradition to successfully shape the future of a company. It takes creativity and the ongoing commitment of people. The path then continues and leads from the present straight into the future.