The HPI Group

The HPI Group - your international procurement service manager for industrial and electronic equipment

As one of Europe's largest procurement service managers, HPI AG takes on those challenges other would prefer to forego. The HPI Group offers customized procurement services at the best conditions in the segments "Industrial & Electronics" and "Industrial & Renewables." This includes short-term inventory management and warehousing as well as the outsourcing of the entire purchasing process. HPI has it: the solution for a thousand things!

Procurement services - faster, leaner, better

4,000 contracts, 3,800 customers, 600,000 orders 2 million movements of goods and a purchasing volume of 4 billion EUR under management; these figures give you an idea of the volume that the HPI Group moves annually as a global provider of procurement services.

Up to 20% cost savings through procurement outsourcing

HPI on your side enables up to 20% savings potential on purchasing, logistics and disposal costs, as well as significantly increasing the efficiency of your procurement process.

Use the industry knowledge the HPI Group has gathered to your benefit!

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